☺Be happy, be beautiful.. let the real you shine through ★

Being happy and beautiful comes hand in hand, when you are happy, naturally you look beautiful and from that its easier to realize what makes you...you

So instead of focusing all of our energy into bad energy, why don't we get out of the house and find what naturally.. makes us happy? I know that we all have our daily commitments, but creating atleast two times a week where its all about doing what you love is what everyone should be doing. Making yourself happy doesn't have to mean getting a holiday to Hawaii and sitting on the beach with a pina colada.. I mean that would make anyone happy, but lets find the smaller things that we can appreciate on a day to day basis. Whether its taking your dog for a walk, cooking a yummy meal, or catching a train to the beach and getting a tan, with sun screen of course, unless you want to look like this: 

Maybe even start up a happy diary, write everything you see that makes you happy. Look around I'm sure there's some beautiful flowers, or look up there's some beautiful birds. Try not to get caught up and forget that there is so much beautiful in this world, we just have to open our eye's up a little bit.

Being happy all of the time is a big ask, but if you focus your mind on being a happier person and not letting the bad outweigh the good then you are definitely heading in the right direction! 

So lets all take on this task - the "Making our self's happier and naturally beautiful" challenge. Find the little things in life that are great and don't let this big scary world get the best of you. 

Love always, Kiara


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